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The Art of Villainy with Tom Hiddleston [x]

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Submitted by captain-aralias

Because Jaffar’s slashy eyefucking cannot be contained in 1 MB



The only problem with alcohol is that it makes Conrad Veidt even more unreal and unbearable D:



Tom Hiddleston seen dressed in costume while filming scenes for their new horror movie ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto on April 16, 2014 [HQ]

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Blake in Horizon

I like this episode for many reasons :)

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Because Captain Hardt and his wandering eyes


The Adventures of Robin Hood || 1938

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Conceive a costume of this scale… You’re risking ridicule, I mean, it’s a monster costume and the last thing you want is to rather look silly or camp and yet it has to look larger than life and heroic. (…) My costume particularly does so much of the work for me ‘cause Loki’s silhouette is so incredibibly menacing and those clothes are so mean and it’s leather and metal and gold.’

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