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Conrad Veidt looks in the mirror

"I see a man - ” Mr. Veidt smiled into the mirror. ”I see a man who is a great lover of women. There is a difference here. A difference between seeing one’s self as the Great Lover, which means of one woman, a dozen women, and seeing one’s self as a great lover of all women. As I am. Women write letters to me. Many letters since A Woman’s Face. I read them all, by the way, the letters they call ‘fan letters.’ They write to me that they like to see me as the lover. This is surprising, perhaps, because when I look into the mirror I do not see there the reflection of the young Romeo. But I like to believe they sense the inward thing. For when I say I am the very great lover of all women, I mean precisely that. Like a lover, I am blind to their faults. I see them through glasses with triple, rose-colored lenses. All the so-called weaknesses in women about which men either complain or make fun, are not there for me. For they have their excuses, and are charming. The ‘little thing’ women do with which men lose their patience… Frankly, without being insufferably smug, I would never lose my temper with a female because of such things, or because of anything.


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So I was going to be strong and not reblog this and then, bam, tits.


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Tom Hiddleston as Cassio in Shakespeare’s Othello

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Seriously, that stupid boyish grin of yours hit me in the feels so hard I have to take painkillers now. I hope you’re happy, Tom.

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Tom Hiddleston and The Trolling Horse {¤}

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