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Posts tagged and kids. this is why you should watch oldwho:

The Keeper of Traken, episode 2: The Master gives Kassia a control collar and makes her his slave. Can we just talk about how perfectly, creepily, kinkily erotic this entire scene is? The Master is just a smooth, seductive, evil voice at this point, still trapped inside the Melkur statue; someone who we can’t even see. He wields power simply through that voice, and Geoffrey Beevers does an absolutely gorgeous job (the sound effects notwithstanding). The dialogue is just laced with sex. “At my feet, you will find a gift” has more layers than one here—the Master gifts Kassia with submission. And just look at the way she puts it on, slowly, entranced, looking straight up at him. And as if that wasn’t enough, she looks positively orgasmic when the Master turns the control on, like a shiver goes through her entire body. And not once does she shriek or look sad or victimised, but is beautiful and proud. It’s perfect.

Just… just how much more BDSMy can you get, Doctor Who?