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Goddamn this attractive man and his STUPID FINGERS RUINING MY LIFE


(It really begs the question how deliberate this is, because someone pointed out somewhere that Gareth doesn’t do this in any other role, ie he deliberately give this mannerism to Blake GODDAMN. He’s quite clever, our Gareth. Just listening to him talk about his headcanon in his Actor Speaks program is amazing. HE IS SO SPOT ON.)


 #avon is the cause of like half of these

Just had to point that out. From Lil

And I’d like to point out that he doesn’t really do it in “blake’.HA! Goes with that theory.been away from avon he doesn’t do it anymore.

hi tumblr

i’m only here to slather you in Blake


Besides the sheer hotness of it, you know what my favourite thing about Blake’s oral fixation is?

It appears to be catching…

Gareth bites his nails IRL but holy shit, Blake’s oral fetish. Sekritly desiring Avon or sekritly desiring Avon? THE THINGS THIS MAN DOES TO MY OVARIES (LITERALLY) AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. Jesus.

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    It’s about time this sort of thing ended up on my blog again. Hrnghgh.
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    Aw, Blake’s thinking-face! What a good thing to wake up to. :D
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    lmao, I leave tumblr for a half a day and miss awesomeness of this calibre? Never leaving this place again. Hey wait a...
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    Need something in your mouth all of a sudden, Blake?
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    You know this means there has to be a paul darrow stroking his hand and/or fondling whatever is in his hand spam.I...
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    Gareth bites his nails IRL but holy shit, Blake’s oral fetish. Sekritly desiring Avon or sekritly desiring Avon? THE...
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